The Posh & Pearl Mission

The story of our body chains comes to life with every person that wears one. Every time someone chooses to step out with a Posh & Pearls body chain, we succeed in our mission to build confidence and make the world a more equitable and joyful place. We are committed to redefining fashion through custom, handmade accessories with a personal touch – designs tailored to your style. To embrace the skin you are in.


Body Chains Are A Fun And Exciting Way To Feel Good About Yourself


Our Values


As a spokesperson for body appreciation and inclusive brand, we celebrate humans in all our glorious forms. Body chains are meant to strengthen confidence in our authentic beauty and embrace individuality.


At the heart of everything made by Posh & Pearls, is you. We have made it our mission to exceed your expectations with everything we offer. From exceptional quality over unique design to personal service. 


We’re dedicated to make the world a better place, not only by contributing to a more equitable and joyful society. Ten percent of everything earned by Posh & Pearls is donated to save our oceans.


We shop locally to support our community and try hard to source our materials sustainably – from delicate pearls and upcycled glass beads to strong and durable stainless steel. 


Experience The Posh & Pearls Lifestyle

We’re committed to create the change we want to see in the world. That’s why we play our part in promoting inclusion and body positivity in the fashion industry. Our principle is Embrace The Skin You Are In, so we encourage you to not only show your authentic beauty and creativity but also to celebrate it in a fun and exciting way. That's what we stand for and that's why our body chains have different styles, colors, material combinations, lengths. So get creative and if you have a special desire, feel free to place a custom order.


Who are we?

Founder Nina Forcher & her creative director Ewa Kwiatek


 press to follow: @ninaloui  @ewakwiatek